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Fultondale Mayor Jim Lowery Denies Wanting To Acquire Home Field Property

John Douglas in September 2011 @ Home Field

John Douglas / Home Field 09/2011

At a Fultondale City Council Meeting on 01/25/2012, Fultondale Mayor Jim Lowery denied wanting to possess the Home Field Sports Grill property.

From AL.COM article on the subject.

FULTONDALE, Alabama — The battle between Fultondale officials and the owner of the closed Home Field Sports Grill took another turn on Wednesday.

Responding to recent allegations that the city was trying to obtain the property at 1501 Decatur Highway, city council members passed a resolution that stated: “The City does not desire to purchase, acquire, receive or otherwise take possession of that property for any reason. The City has no use for that property. The City only desires for that property, like all other properties in the City, to be used in a lawful manner and in compliance with all existing regulations and land use regulations.”

Home Field owner John Douglas has been trying to rebuild and reopen his restaurant after it was heavily damaged in the April 27 tornado. He previously said that city officials have made unreasonable demands on the business, which have delayed renovations.

Fergy Ferguson, a city resident, wrote a letter that was published Tuesday in The Birmingham News. In that letter he said city officials were using the tornado to get what they wanted, which was the Home Field Sports Grill property.

Fultondale Mayor Jim Lowery said Wednesday that those allegations ran in a newspaper and required a public response. He recommended the resolution and council members agreed.

“Somebody is trying to put words in the mouth of our city,” said Tommy Loden, a council member, about the letter. “And these are not our words.”

Douglas was at Wednesday’s council meeting and asked if the resolution covered other entities, such as the city’s commercial development authority. Lowery suggested that he put his questions in writing.

After the meeting, Joe Bolton, a council member and a member of the city’s commercial development authority, said there was no entity connected to the city or the Fultondale gas board, in any way, that was interested in the Home Field property.

Lowery said Fultondale has sent Douglas a letter telling him he needs to clean up the property.

“We have had reports of children walking through there,” Lowery said. “That’s a danger to our community.”

This response was apparently brought up after another Fultondale Citizen, Fergy Ferguson recently wrote a letter to AL.COM that was published on 01/24/2012

YOUR VIEW: Fultondale putting up roadblocks to sports grill rebuilding.

On April 27, 2011, a 21-year-old business that has paid more than $250,000 in sales taxes was damaged by the tornado which came through Fultondale. Homefield Sports Grill has been a part of Fultondale community for more than 20 years. This was not a business just to make money, but a part of the fabric of what made Fultondale the city it is today.

Now, the city leaders are using the damage from the tornado to get what they want, and they want the property where Homefield sits.

I would think the “friendly city,” as it says on the signs coming into the city, would be doing all it could to help Homefield rebuild instead of throwing up roadblock after roadblock to prevent the owner from proceeding in rebuilding.

The residents of Fultondale can sit by and allow this abuse of power to continue, or they can make their voices heard now and at election time. The owner should be allowed — helped by the city — to rebuild to current building codes.

Fergy Ferguson, Fultondale.

I guess all Mayor Lowery can do is lie about wanting to Possess the Home Field Sports Grill Property. However I’m sure that Sooner or Later this mess will fester and someone will wind up in the poke. Pandora’s Box is now wide open!

Do i hear the buzz of paper shredders in the background? LOL!

Mayor Jim Lowery's Fultondale Alabama Phase 1 Plans For US-31 Corridor Revitalization

Mayor Jim Lowery's Fultondale Alabama Phase 1 Plans For US-31 Corridor Revitalization

Aerial View Of The Home Field Sports Grill Property and Adjacent CDA Gas Board Owned Corner Property

Aerial View Of The Home Field Sports Grill Property and Adjacent CDA Gas Board Owned Corner Property

It is FidoSysop’s Opinion that the Small CDA Gas Board Lot is not worth Diddly without the Home Field Property to Accompany It! Also note the municipal owned property behind the CDA and Home Field Property (see drawing above in colored in blue).

This CDA owned property goes behind the Home Field lot (see the city’s revitalization drawing above). If the CDA was able to acquire Home Field it would make a great piece of fairly deep frontage on US-31.

If it Walks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, It MUST Be A DUCK! Quack, Quack, Quack.. :roll:

Mayor Lowery, Who are you and your city counsel trying to bs?

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  1. Outside Looking In

    Tommy Travis · Subscribed · Lead Singer at Neon Samurai
    What Fultondale is doing is stepping on small business people to get what they want then denying they’re doing so and assuming no one can do anything about it. Cant these people be voted out of office? And be replaced with a city council that tries to help small business instead of destroying them?

  2. bluenova (Post author)

    For the record – the community of Fultondale, AL has the best people on the planet. We do not support a boycott of other businesses in Fultondale. There are a lot of Home Field supporters who own and work in those businesses. My problem is with Fultondale Mayor Jim Lowery and his gang of thugs. Mayor Lowery would be surprised at how much support Home Field has right under his nose at City Hall, as well.

  3. bluenova (Post author)

    “We’ve had reports of children walking through there”
    Fultondale Mayor Jim Lowery is an idiot


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